Kenny Dobbs World Renown Slam Dunk Champion
EXPOSES the science SECRETS behind Explosive Vertical Jumping that you WON’T FIND IN ANY YouTube video or gimmicky tutorial. His comprehensive 2-DISC DVD set not only let’s you in on techniques used by the pros but breaks down the MECHANICS OF VERTICAL JUMPING  STEP-BY-STEP and provides you with a PROGRESSIVE 12-WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM, the same program that helped him to develop an ASTONISHING 48” vertical jump!! Read on to find out why the top trainers in the NBA, NFL, and Professional Volleyball DON’T want Kenny Dobbs revealing his knowledge to the public!

Who is Kenny Dobbs?
The World’s Greatest Dunk Artist, International Slam Dunk Champion, YouTube Sensation and the best Elite Vertical Jump Trainer to ever play the game. He has appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports, NBATV, and several national Red Bull and Google commercials. In addition to his massive YouTube following Kenny’s jumping and dunking ability has earned him numerous sponsorships, endorsements and brand ambassadorships for the world’s top companies such as Nike and Sprite. Now, for the first time ever, Kenny has decided to share his secrets with his fans with the most anticipated vertical jump training program to hit the market, the Dunk Like Dobbs Elite Vertical Training Program.

Dunk Like Dobbs Elite Vertical Jump Training DVD Contents

This is NOT another e-book manual by a no-name trainer; this is a scientifically developed program by a PRACTITIONER of the game, the World’s Greatest Dunker, International Slam Dunk Champion, KENNY DOBBS!! I personally challenge any creator of any vertical jump program to a dunk/vertical contest…it won’t happen. The reason it won’t happen is because I have perfected the art of jumping and dunking.  My program has taken me from average to a World Class Professional.  I have single-handedly set the bar for vertical jumping as the World’s FIRST Professional Dunker.  Train with the same elite vertical training program that has allowed me to become the best in the vert game!


6 KEYS TO ELEVATION – The 6 keys to elevation are the foundation to the Dunk Like Dobbs Elite Vertical Training Program.  Each KEY has been strategically developed to help you understand the science behind vertical jumping:

Mechanics of Jumping – The first key to elevation is to understand the vertical jump by breaking it down STEP-BY-STEP.  The Dunk Like Dobbs Elite Vert Training Program does just that.  Thanks to Kenny Dobbs’ years of knowledge as the World’s Top Dunker, he has been able to scientifically explain the necessary components needed to unlock your potential to produce the most explosive vertical jump of your life.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER PROGRAM ON THE MARKET that has broken down the Mechanics of Jumping the way Kenny Dobbs does for YOU!!

Flexibility Training – The second key to elevation provides a scientific look at how flexibility training works, why you need it in your weekly routine and it will help add inches to your vertical jump. You’ve probably heard that you should spend hours touching your toes or lying on the court stretching your quads. STOP NOW! Kenny exposes the tricks that his competition doesn’t want you to know about to maximizing your flexibility specifically for increasing your vertical jump!  Get informed and learn the components you need to give you the coordination, extra bounce and hang time in your vertical leap.

Core Development – How many Google searches and boring YouTube videos do you need to watch before you realize that the vertical training programs out on the market are just GIMMICKS, designed to make you THINK you’re getting the best program on the market, when the reality is…they are just feeding you OLD INFORMATION! Gain access to the highly exclusive core development program that nearly all jump training programs neglect to teach you.  You will gain an understanding of your core system, access to the secrets of proper muscle activation, how to develop your core for a solid foundation, and learn the #1 technique on how to redistribute your potential energy from the ground, through your feet, knees, and hips.

Plyometrics Training – Did you know that plyometrics training has 3-Phases involved? The fourth key to elevation is the most progressive routine designed on the market.  Just about every eBook you download forgets to train you that every athlete needs to build a solid foundation, progressively, over time, in order to maximize their vertical jump. The fourth key to elevation teaches you how to MASTER THE EXECUTION of the 3-Phases of plyometrics training necessary to taking your vertical leap to the next level.


Acceleration & Agility Skills – Why would my elite vertical jump training program contain acceleration and agility skill development? Because utilizing your vertical jump happens in real-time game situations.  It’s great to show off your vertical in the driveway at home, but you are an ELITE jumper that needs the competitive edge over the competition!! In order to showcase the skills you’ve acquired through the Dunk Like Dobbs Elite Vert Program, you need to be able to harness lightning fast speed with turn-on-a-dime efficiency. The fifth key to elevation is design to give you that in-game quickness you need to blow past your opponents and rise above the rest.

Athletic Mindset – What do all successful athletes do before, during, and after a game? They mental prepare themselves for what lies ahead.  The six key to elevation lets you in on the secrets that most professional athletes have used to take them to the professional level.  Find out how to make the mind-body connection and enhance your neuromuscular coordination. You’ll gain insight on the tricks used by athletes across the world to harness the intensity needed for solid execution of the most powerful movement in sports, the vertical jump.

ebook-backWorkout Log – Gain access to the 12-Week workout log to help keep you on track as you gain inches month by month.  Stay on point with your workout routines, rest days, and phase changes.

On-the-go Mobile App – Stay up-to-date on the latest vert training information the World’s Greatest Dunker has to offer.  Gain access to new training videos, watch dunk tutorials, and enter monthly dunk contests. Plus, find out when Kenny Dobbs will be hosting a training camp in your area!!

Muscle Enhancing Meal Program – A powerful vertical requires strong, well-balanced muscles.  Sorry guys, but peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and those frozen microwave dinners won’t help to grow solid, force producing power.  But with the Dunk Like Dobbs Meal Program you’ll have knowledge to feed your body the nutritionally sound diet it needs to ramp up your muscles for the demands of an elite athlete.

Live Monthly Webinars – Sign-up for the bi-monthly Live Webinar where YOU the athlete will have a live Q & A session with Kenny Dobbs as he provides his elite vertical jump training knowledge to help you take your vertical jump to the next level. Ask questions, get answers, learn new techniques, and listen as the World’s Best Dunker share the information YOU NEED to elevate your game like never before.

Amateur Video Contest – Can you touch the net? How about the rim? Are you a fingertip dunker?  Grab a copy of the Dunk Like Dobbs Elite Vertical Training Program, fix the problem, and show us the results!!  We want to share your before and after training videos with the world. We will be giving away monthly prizes for the most dramatic improvement in vertical jump.  PLUS…enter for a chance to win a Kenny Dobbs Weekend Training Pack…where you will have a chance to a one-on-one personal training weekend and dunk session with Kenny Dobbs that will be featured on, the largest viral basketball network in the world.